Miercuri 18 ian

aa .. oke .. e miercuri .. ora 12 si ceva.. m-am trezit. Now what?’


Now go back to sleep boy, you seem to be a little bit tired and confused at the same time which, i know, isn’t a great feeling so do us all a favour and go back to bed. Cheers ;)

neah .. I can’t go back to sleep .. I have a lots of things to do today .. like .. tommorow I have one little exam and I have to go today to a coleague (colega -> daca am scris gresit cumva) to get some courses/papers so I will have from where to copy tommorow at the exam. And also .. today I have to go to work .. maybe at 3 or 4 o`clock.. but maybe I’ll take a cab, couse I hate this freakin’ rain outside.. damn.. What a day ?!:)

Written by: OLiX

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